sábado, 13 de diciembre de 2008


Otra vez exponiendo en chicago junto a mis amigos: croxatto y el diente!
Gracias Nate!

Buenos Aires Thrash Gore Artists on Display at the Metal Shaker

GORETEÑOS INVADE CHICAGO — feat. Piraña, Diente, Agustin Croxatto, with local artists Putrid, Erik Pertl, and Tom Crites

An art exhibition at the Metal Shaker*
3394 N Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60641

Opening celebration:
Friday, December 19, 9pm-2am
w/ video by Thunder Horse and musical performances by I-Attack, Alcoholic Bomb Squad, Kolumbine and Jimi Cricket

THE METAL SHAKER is proud to present Goreteños Invade Chicago, a group art exhibition that features three prominent painters from Buenos Aires' skate punk/hardcore scene whose macabre and colorful works combine aesthetics from concert-flyer, comic, and tattoo-flash art.

While the segment of the Argentine counterculture in which these artists operate is heavily indebted to (North) American influences like the Misfits and Raymond Pettibon, it retains a vivacity and urgency that has been largely lost by its U.S. counterpart. The works of porteños Piraña, Diente and Croxatto reflect the anxiety and anger of a youth culture caught between the first and third worlds, in which the memories of Argentina's Dirty War still resonate, and attacks on punks by neo-fascists still persist.

Goreteños is the result of a transcontinental DIY effort by like-minded art enthusiasts and friends. After a successful show last February at the Hollywood in Cambodia gallery in Buenos Aires that featured Diente and Piraña, two Chicago transplants on hand brought a collection of the artists' work back to display in the States.

The exhibition will also include works by Erik Pertl of Chicago's Lord Blasphemer, prominent Chicago gore artist Putrid, and Seattle's Tom Crites. The opening celebration will feature bands I-Attack, Alcoholic Bomb Squad, Kolumbine, and Jimi Cricket, along with video performances by Chicago's Thunder Horse, who will display the darker side of their video art they can't show while working with Diplo and Flosstradamus.

See attached jpeg flyers.

* Must be 21+ to enter